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Left Front candidate announcement cancelled as differences arise with Congress

CPIM could not release the candidate list despite the announcement. It is the first time in the state that this has happened. In the past, the Left Front announced the name of the candidate list on the day the election was announced.

However, this time CPIM could not release their candidate list due to objection of Congress, the alliance partner.

CPIM had to cancel the press conference twice.
CPM left only 10 seats for Congress in the first phase. A press conference was organised to announce a list of candidates at 5 pm on Tuesday.

In the presence of CPIM General Secretary Sitaram Yechury, the names of the candidates were finalized leaving the Congress with only 1O seats as per Sources.

The CPIM argued that the Congress vote was only 1.5 percent and there is only 1 MLA.
On the other hand, CPIM has 16 MLAs.
Apart from this, the top leaders of CPIM are also doubtful about the popularity of Congress leaders because Congress leaders are not with the people throughout the year.

Although several rounds of telephonic conversations took place with the Congress, CPIM was not willing to give up more than 11 seats for Congress as per Sources.

Thus, CPIM canceled the press conference at 5 pm, unable to resolve the issue. The alliance has come to a breaking point due to seat sharing. Finally, the press conference at 7 pm was also canceled and CPIM said that details will be informed later.


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