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Malaria spreading in Kanchanpur areas, one dead

Malaria has returned with all its fury in the hilly areas of Kanchanpur sub-division in North Tripura district which has already claimed one life.

The 8-year-old Naisebati Reang died immediately after she was brought to Kanchanpur Hospital without giving any chance for treatment. She was brought from Bhandarima area which also has a big hospital building but no facilities for treatment.

The death of Naisebati created a pathetic scene in the hospital as her hapless father Rupanjoy Reang was crying beside her body as he had no ability to take the dead body at home. However, after receiving information the SDM Abhedananda Baidya rushed to the hospital and arranged a car to carry the body to the village.

Doctors admitted that life of Naisebati could have saved if she would have provided with timely treatment. They said many other patients arriving everyday from Bhandarima, Ananda Bazar, Manu, Chailengta, Chandipur and other areas where no treatment is available.

It is learnt that Bhandarima, Ananda Bazar and Gachiram Para have full infrastructure of hospitals but due to lack of doctors the hapless people are not getting any treatment facilities in their locality.

The sub-divisional Medical Officer Naresh Tripura also admitted that the malaria is spreading across the sub-division but no initiative is there to prevent the diesis. The normal practice of organizing special health camps in remote areas during any outbreak is also absent now though reports are pouring in from many areas.

According to sources Manu-Chailengta, Ananda Bazar and Chandipur are the worst affected areas where large number of people are down with malaria and languishing without any treatment.


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