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Manik Sarkar’s memory has become weak: Ashok Sinha

Agartala, January 26, 2022: On Tuesday, by calling a press meet at the BJP Headquarters in Krishnagar, BJP state’s spokesperson Ashok Sinha along with Nabendu Bhattacharjee heavily criticised and countered the premade remarks of opposition Leader & Ex Chief Minister Manik Sarka.

Mr. Sinha first objected the remark which Manik Sarkar has made on “Jana Siksha Samati” which according to him was not supported by the Maharajas of Tripura. Ashok Sinha whereas, supported the role of Maharajas in extending the “Jana Siksha” movement in plains and in hilly remote areas of then 70’s Tripura.

He bitterly condemned the behaviour of the opposition, he has shown before the media faking the actual history of the state.

Moreover, he also countered the opposition Leader with his black governance and administration during his 25 years of tenure. Highlighting various agendas like “Terrorism”, “80s Riots and Violence”, “Toppling government by left hand policy”, “10323 and other job scams” and latest on “providing fake COVID data by Mr.Sarkar to the media.” After all, the experts believe that all these from Mr. Sinha’s mouth today have gained massive criticism on his political reputation and completely has brought Mr. Sarkar on the back foot.


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