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Mann Ki Baat: A Journey of winning heart by connecting with the people

The journey of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ started on the 3rd October, 2014 with the telecast of the 1st Episode and now we are heading towards the 100th Episode of this people’s initiative on 30th April, 2023. This program is gaining popularity with every passing day. Mann Ki Baat since it’s foundation is a people’s program. Citizens suggest the nature, structure, themes and frequency of the programme on MyGov. Since then, MyGov has been catalysing ideas and suggestions for “Mann Ki Baat”. From the first episode on 3rd October 2014, Mann Ki Baat continues to touch the lives of millions of citizens.

During this journey, many times Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji appreciated Tripura also. He highlighted our Jackfruit (In 77th Edition on 30th May, 2021), Terra cotta cup (In 94 Edition on 30th October, 2022), Bio Farming (In 94th Edition on 30th October, 2022) and many other things from Tripura during this programme of national interest.

Prof.(Dr.) Manik Saha, Chief Minister, Tripura.

In this journey of nearly 9 years, this show has gained huge popularity. With each passing day the viewership of this show has increased and gained the achievement of the biggest show of Radio. Through this series, Prime Minister has helped Prasar Bharti to generate huge revenue and give a positive and sensitive touch to the remotest locations of our country.

Mann Ki Baat at times helped the country to stand together and fight together. One such example could be taken up of the COVID Pandemic. Through this show country was motivated to fight against the spread of virus with full strength and humanity by helping each other. During exams, this show has been the stress buster for the future generation of our country. Modi Ji through this show has also helped the countrymen to get sensitive about the road safety. From culture to positive initiatives everything has been delivered by Modi Ji with suggestion of our fellow sisters and brothers.

In 2014, he had spoken about using Khadi and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, and its positive impact on our health and daily life. This was like a clarion call and now has inspired millions of youths in the country to take an active part in Swachh Bharat missions. Over the entire sessions of 2014, he talked about Mars Mission, and skill development and also stressed on many issues shared by citizens and urged the youth to stay away from drugs as the money from such activities is used for terrorist activities.

Highlights of 2015 were, the joint discourse with former US President Mr Barack Obama, asking the students to avoid exam stress, soil health, One Rank One Pension (OROP), Yoga, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Selfie with Daughter to raise the importance of girl child, Ease of doing business were some of the issues. Mostly, 2015 saw how PM Modi spoke freely about many topics of national interest from healthcare, education, women and child development, and national security to climate change. Many small things people were unaware of were discussed and explained to people on their governance.

Currently, we are hearing a lot about ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’ initiative going across the nation. Government is widely doing various activities to reflect the sense of unity and similarity in different parts of our country. In 2015 at the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ Modi Ji talked about the vision of this initiative paying tribute to Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel.

Today we are aiming towards new and transformed India. In coming years, we are planning to become 5 Trillion economy. All this will be possible when the country moves in a synchronized and coordinated manner. In my view, this coordination, synchronization and direction are given through Mann Ki Baat. I appeal to all my sisters and brothers to come forward and celebrate this 100th episode of Mann Ki Baat.

Prof.(Dr.) Manik Saha, Chief Minister, Tripura.


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