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Mayor Dipak Majumder paid a visit to the banks of the Howrah River in Agartala

Ahead of the upcoming Durgotsav, the most significant festival for the Bengali community, Mayor Dipak Majumder of the Agartala Municipal Corporation paid a visit to the banks of the Howrah River in Agartala.

On Wednesday morning, the Mayor inspected the location designated for idol immersion in the Ghazaria Panchayat area of Agartala.

During his visit, he emphasized the paramount importance of Durgotsava in the Bengali community.

He also highlighted that each year, approximately 40 idols from the southern urban areas are immersed in the waters of the Howrah River at the Ghazaria Panchayat site.

Consequently, the Mayor has issued an instruction for the prompt renovation of this Dashamighat (idol immersion site) within a span of 7 days, ensuring its readiness before the commencement of the Durga Puja festival.


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