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MDC’s of TTAADC met the Governor Indrasena Reddy; seeks Governor’s intervention; demands early release of funds

On Friday, the Members of District Councils (MDC) from the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC) held a meeting with the Governor of Tripura, Indrasena Reddy, and requested his direct involvement in addressing various issues, including the release of funds.

The MDCs from TTAADC, led by Chief Executive Member (CEM) Purna Chandra Jamatia, presented their concerns to the Governor.

In the memorandum, the CEM said, “There are 24 pending matters, approved by the District Council for the administrative convenience of the general public, which were forwarded to the state Government to seek the Governor’s assent. However, there has been no progress on these matters thus far.”

The memorandum further highlighted, “State Government is not allocating funds according to the actual requirements of TTAADC.

Notably, the State budget does not specify a separate provision for the salaries of TTAADC employees, and the allocated funds for TTAADC are deemed insufficient for both salaries, pensions, wages, and other developmental projects.

They have also suggested allocating funds for TTAADC in a separate account. The MDCs of Tipra Motha have further urged the expedited conduct of Village Council Elections.

The memorandum states, “Despite repeated request letters, the Village Committee General Election has not been conducted to date, citing various reasons. Without elected members, proper development activities, monitoring, and planning cannot be effectively carried out in village committee areas.”

A request has been made for the allocation of funds for village road connectivity. The submission for fund placement in connection with the enhancement of road communication and village road connectivity in all ADC villages under TTAADC areas has been forwarded to the State Government in 12 phases, covering 122 roads, with a total fund requirement of Rs. 564.42 Crores.


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