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Minister Ratan Lal Nath appeals people to cast vote in festive mood

The Education and Law Minister of Tripura, Ratan Lal Nath along with the Advocate General of Tripura, Siddharth Sankar Dey held an important press conference on Tuesday.

Starting from the beginning to end, Ratan Lal Nath heavily criticized TMC and their mean political intentions before the election hours. He first of all requested the common public of this state to participate in this mega festival of state municipal poll with all liberty and prestige.

He then slammed the Trinamool Congress for trying to portray the wrong image of Tripura before the Supreme Court after the petition to delay the Urban Local Bodies election was rejected by the apex court.

“A particular faction in this state is trying to deteriorate the democratic civic set up of our state. For that they went to the Supreme Court for postponing the dates of the pre-scheduled municipal polls of Tripura. Today, the Supreme Court has rejected their plea and ordered the state election commission to conclude the entire process on time and the aforesaid dates”, Mr. Nath said in his statement.

He celebrated this verdict of the SC calling it a victory of the democracy. He lastly requested the common people of this state to give those conspirators a tight due response in the Vote box for playing with the sentiments of them.

He urged for a massive number of participation as this would be enough to belittle them forever.


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