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Mission LiFE Programme: Meeting at Secretariat to build awareness

A high-level meeting was held yesterday in Conference Hall of the Secretariat to create state-level awareness about ‘Mission LIFE’ programme. In the meeting chaired by Chief Secretary JK Sinha, Principal Secretary of Department of Science and Technology KS Shetty.

Secretaries and senior officers of various departments were present at the meeting

The main goal of ‘Mission LIFE is to transform the climate change prevention programme into a public movement. Climate change can also be tackled through behavioural changes.

It is a campaign that directly relates to every individual

In the meeting, Director of Department of Science, Technology and Environment Animesh Dus highlighted all the possible behavioural changes in personal daily life and development of environment-friendly habits to protect the environment. He discussed in detail the ‘Mission LIFE’ campaign of the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Government of India through a pictorial report. He said, ‘Mission LiFE’ awareness programme has been created mainly around 7 issues.

The 7 issues include energy conservation, water conservation, reduction of single-use plastics, waste-free eating habits, waste management, healthy living, e-waste reduction, etc. He said that in the current month of May, the Union Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change had set a target for the State Department of Science, Technology and Environment to organize 2,000 different activities under t’Mission LiFE’ programme across the state.

The Director said that 403 activities have already been done. The Director also discussed in detail about various action plans of the state government departments in implementing Mission LIFE’ programme. Moreover, he also discussed about the “Meri LiFE’ portal for the implementation of ‘Mission LIFE’ programme. He said that the Department of Science. Technology and Environment will be responsible for the implementation of this programme in the state as the nodal department



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