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Mother on Campus a new initiative to build conducive environment for the students living in hostels

Mother on Campus a new initiative to build conducive environment for the students living in hostels

|| Jasmine Deb Jamatia ||

Government has been making efforts to bring proper environment for the students for their overall development which is why the state govemment has come up with a new scheme namely, “Mother on Campus”.

State Education Minister Ratan Lal Nath on 15 November also mentioned about the scheme in a press conference which will allow mothers of the students living in hostel to stay with them for a period of seven days in order to help the studers have homely, safe and clean atmosphere in the hostel.

Mother on Campus scheme is an initiative to create suitable environment for the students living in hostels, increasing parental involvement in their proper growing up as well as running of the hostel.

The scheme shall he implemented in all hostels attached to the schools under Education Department and hostels run by Tribal Welfare, SC Welfare and Minority Welfare departments under Directorate of Secondary Education.

After conducting a consultation exercise with hostel in-charges, students, teachers, SDMs and SDWOS at Secretariat on 3 September 2021. Directorate of Secondary Education issued a set of guidelines on implementation of the scheme.

A meeting shall be held by hostel superintendentin-charge and the principal of the school to which hostel is attached with all the parents where they will be briefed about the new scheme. A panel of mothers shall also be formed for each hostel who are willing to stay inside the campus for one week each and accordingly the schedule of staying of mothers on campus shall be prepared. The process of holding meeting is to be furnished by 15 December.

A mother may repeat her visit after few months if she is enthusiastic about. Two mothers will be allowed to stay in the hostel at a time. The mothers shall arrive at the hostel on Sunday morning and shall leave on next Sunday morning only, however the mothers are free to leave after 3-4 days if required. The hostel superintendents are speak with the mothers in advance to confirm their arrival. The hostel superintendent and the principal of the school shall meet with both mothers on first working day of the week ie, Monday: A register shall be maintained in each hostel for “Mother on Campus” visit where feedback of mothers shall also be recorded on maintenance of the hostel.

In case of boy’s hostel, separate arrangement for mothers to sleep and separate toilet shall be prepared. The scheme shall be implemented only after the arrangements are made.

However, in case of hostel having only boys of classes 1 to 5. their mothers can reside in the same dormitory, No local guardian, any relative or friends are permitted to stay on the campus other than student’s biological mother or legal mother in case of adopted child staying in the hostel The meal charges of both mothers will be borne from the combined meal charges of the children.

Additional mattress/quilt tray he provided by the concerned hostel in-charges as per the need. Additional fund may be requisitioned from concemed departments. This information was collected from a press release issued by Additional Director, Directorate of Secondary Education, Goverment of Tripura Nantu Ranjan Das.


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