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MP Biplab Kumar Deb meets with BL Santosh

MP and Former Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb meets with BL Santosh today.

On Sunday, Former Chief Minister and incumbent Rajya Sabha MP Biplab Deb said that the organisational affairs were interfered by the ‘outsiders’ .

He claimed that these outsiders are making the BJP’s organisation weak.

The former CM of Tripura said, ” Some people from outside were interfering in the organisation. I have already made the issue aware of these happenings in the state.”
He added that the state BJP will run the party under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi and JP Nadda.

The incumbent Rajya Sabha MP emphasised that the organisation and government must work in the right direction.

He said that although he is not an IPS or IAS officer, he knows how to strengthen the organisation.

Deb added that it was his duty to highlight the outside interference issue to party leaders.
On Sunday evening, he went to Delhi and therefore, he may not attend the state executive meeting on Monday.

Responding to reshuffling within the Tripura BJP, Biplab Deb said that it must be carried out based on decisions of the senior leaders


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