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MP Rebati Tripura slams TIPRA Motha for ‘heckling’ BJP leaders

BJP MP Rebati Tripura has called for a press conference on Thursday centering the recent clash in Twidu village in Ompi.

He said that the way people are joining the BJP in remote hilly areas and everywhere across the state is a problem for the supremo of the TIPRA Motha party.

His morale is breaking by these events. He is misleading the simple tribes. He cannot obtain any kind of benefit from this.

MP Rebati Tripura called a press conference at the BJP headquarters on Thursday and condemned the attack on BJP leader Patalkanya Jamatia and Minister Rampada Jamatia.

He said such efforts are being made to disrupt the peace and order situation in the state.

The ADC has become completely obsolete. Nothing is happening there. There is no accounting of the money we have given through the Planning Commission, Niti Ayog (the Policy Commission) and the Fifteenth Finance Commission.

Rebati Tripura further added, TIPRA Motha’s supremo has completely failed to control the party. He has also failed to run the administration. He is just lying repeatedly.
MP Rebati Tripura made all these statements against Pradyut Kishore Deb Barman at a press conference held at the BJP headquarters on Thursday.


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