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Mukhyamantri Samipeshu: CM interacted with public

In Mukhyamantri Samipeshu programme today. Chief Minister Prof. (Dr.) Manik Saha had interacted with public and learned about their issues and difficulties. Those having met with the Chief Minister have expressed their satisfaction after the Chief Minister took initiative to resolve their problems

16 year-old Debjit Debnath from West Ghilatali of Kalyanpur, Khowai has been suffering from physical difficulties. His father, Dulal Debnath who happens to be a farmer had met the Chief Minister today at his residence regarding his son. The Chief Minister spoke to him and Debjit. Mampi Majumder (Das), resident of Rajnagar and Bimal Saha, resident of Akhaora Road area also have met with the Chief Minister and spoke about their issues.

They also have expressed their happiness being able to speak to the Chief Minister.

After leaming about all the issues, Chief Minister Prof (Dr.) Manik Saha took instant initiative to resolve their issues and directed the concemed officials to take necessary steps for the same.

The public is overwhelmed to be able to bring forward their issues to the Chief Minister and having their issues resolved. Secretary to the Chief Minister Dr Pradip Kumar Chakraborty. Health Secretary Dr. Debashish Basu and other high-ranking officials were present during the Mukhyamantri Samipeshu programme


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