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” na noy nari” going to be released on 5 th November

A Bengali Short film titled ” na noy nari” is going to be released on 5 th November 2021 on ‘My Cinema hall ‘ apps.This film is directed by Mr Biswajit Das.Sri Das has worked on many film related projects of Tripura.

This film is starred by Satirtha Debnath,Imran Khan,Sourajit acharjee,Jayanta Das,Kanika Chakraborty.

Recently this film is gracefully awarded in INDEPENDENT ASIA PECIFIC INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL..Synopsis of the short film”na noy nari”:The main aspects of this short film is to sensitize people of our country regarding women empowerment and crime against women.The best part of this short film is to motivate girls ,womens of our society to incline to self defense.womens are capable of doing everything.Thats the title about to mean.

The journey of making this film was fabulous and laborious.Everyone associated with this film starting from crew members to the director worked very hard to make this film as good as national level films.

Shoots were taken in different historical a of this state.The casts infront of the canera and behind the camera left no stone unturned to complete this project.

The film encourages the local hidden talents of Tripura and provide them a chance and platform to showcase their talent infront of public.As per Director s description,before making this project local actors and actresses went through audition.

After thorough discussion with the selection panel the artists were selected.After their selection a one month hard grooming, e were done.

Everyone during this practice session was seriously involved.On asking the artists regrading their point of view in respect of the concept of film,they put their valuable ,ideas and experiences.

They are fully satisfied with what they have done and expecting also to do better in future.since this film is related to women’s concern a long discussion about what will be the best title of the film was done and finally director choose the title ” na noy nari”.

On asking the director in respect of writing this brilliant story he put forward this a which were really amazing and mind blowing.Now coming to point that is the aim in making this film,Sri Das says that a lots of talents are there in our state.

These talents were deprived of getting chances to perform.Moreover since there is no film industry in our state these local talents do not get attention of the public.Though very few Bengali movies were produced but due to discontinuty in the efforts and mostly financial problems till date big budget movies are not produced innour state.

Due to all such unavoidable circumstances till date no such film at National level has been produced.Consequently our talents are ruined .But we think it in a different way.

We think that we must showcase our states own talent to the world.Finally we decided to use internet and OTT platform for displaying or projecting our local stars to the whole world so that Tripura will be highlighted in the field of film making.That was the story of this journey told by Director Biswajit Das..


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