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Narikelkunja gets relief from the power outage after quick action by CM

Quick action by the Chief Minister’s Office brought relief from severe power outages amidst heatwaves

Due to the quick action of the Chief Minister’s office, the people of the affected areas including tourists traveling to Narikelkunj in Dambur of Gandacherra got relief from power outages amidst the intense heatwaves of April.

After a news regarding power outage in Narikelkunj appeared in the newspaper on Tuesday, the news came to the attention of the Chief Minister’s office and necessary steps were taken to resolve it quickly.

According to the news, electricity service in Narikelkunj of Dumboor reservoir has been troublesome for a long time. Although the private company FIDCO was informed locally in the power department, it was not being addressed.

AC machines in modern log huts are not running due to electrical faults and as a result, local residents including tourists from the state and outer states who visit Narikelkunj were facing severe difficulties.

Realising the importance of the matter after the release of the news, the Chief Minister’s office directly contacted the Managing Director of Tripura State Electricity Corporation Ltd and directed him to start electricity service in Narikelkunj immediately.

In view of this, the corporation issued instructions to the concerned private organisation FIDCO to take necessary measures.

Electricity Corporation informed on Tuesday afternoon that after the necessary repair of power lines, electricity service has resumed in the area.


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