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Necessary steps taken to give farmers their actual price of their crops: Agriculture Minister

Where a large section of people of this state have been connected to the agricultural sector; issues are always prevalent to choke the growth and output of the farming sector due to poor market revenue, loan and bankruptcies.

But after Modi Government came in power, these all have been solved maximum.

Inaugurating the 26th Krishak Bandhu Kendra at Jumerdhepa panchayat, Nalchar the Agriculture Minister Pranajit Singha Roy greeted the farmers with his very promising speech.

In his speech, he assured the farmers for getting them their actual price and due of their hard works through implementing various agri market monopoly schemes.

Moreover, he said “ 9 lakhs 9 thousand farmers are getting perks from Fasal Beema Yojana. By 2022, schemes have been undertaken to 2x increase every farmer’s income of this state.”


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