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“Need to awake this Govt from deep slumber”: Ex CM Manik Sarkar

On behalf of the peasants, farmers and jhum cultivators of the state and for their social and political welfare the opposition party CPIM has organised a protest event on Friday at the Gangail Road, near Gandhi Ghat, Agartala.

The Sanjukta Kishan Morcha, a wing of the state communist party is said to be the main organiser of this event.

The communist leaders like the Ex CM Manik Sarkar, Pabitra Kar, Badal Choudhury, Jitendra Choudhury have leaded the meeting from the front.

Bringing his strong indictment against the ruling party BJP, the Ex CM and Opposition Leader Manik Sarkar left no stones unturned to criticise and condemn the present performances of the government.

He also lambasted the Royal Scion Pradyut Debbarman indirectly for manipulating and corrupting the minds of indigenous people for staying in the power as well as in the limelight.

He said, “It is because of us that today Tripura tops in the agriculture countrywide. Our very benefic schemes which had resulted in bringing massive changes and reformations in the small scale farming sector including the tribal jhum farming and agriculture.

The present government is destroying the lives of the farmers of our state by deregulating all our established effective farming scheme with their private cum neo-liberal monopoly schemes.

He also urged the poor peasants and jhumias of the state to unitedly fight against this insensitive government to earn all the demands that were put forward before the government today.


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