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Need to unified and popularise our cultures : Sushanta Choudhury

“Unity in Diversity” has been the main motto of our Indian culture and traditions from a long long time.

Our cultures are widely popular around the world as well as now getting recognised and honoured by different cultures and sects globally.

Above religion, colour, caste, creed and way of living we must be proud that we are Indians first.”

In the inauguration event of a cross-border cultural event at Lankamura’s famous “Alpona Gram” on Thursday; Minister Sushanta Chowdhury said these special lines dedicating the audience generally.

In his speech, he said “After coming in power, our government has taken reformatory steps and initiatives to nurture and protect various indigenous cultures existing in our state.

We are working to motivate and empower those cultural section of people to taking it further nationally as well as globally”.

Moreover, he has been seen there to encourage youths and artists for exchanging cultures by learning and observing every art and cosmopolitan affairs.


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