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Neramac’s GI Initiative to User Authorize 300 Tripura Queen

The North Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation (NERAMAC) under Ministry of DONER, Government of India had undertaken Geographical Indication (GI) certification of 13 products of the NER of which the Tripura Queen Pineapple is one.

In continuation to NERAMACs endeavors towards promoting Gl, a Geographical Indication (GI) Awareness Seminar was held on 26 May 2023 at Agartala. The main focus of the event was to user authorize 300 farmers to use GI tagging of the NERAMAC processed certification. The program was graced by Shri Ratan Lal Nath, Hon’ble Agricultural Minister of Tripura. Over 200 Queen Pineapple Producers attended the event.

The event was started with a welcome address by Commodore Rajiv Ashok (Retd), Managing Director NERAMAC, where he expressed that the GI initiative is a significant step towards promoting and protecting the traditional agricultural practices and products of the NER region. The initiative will provide recognition to the unique qualities and reputation of the Tripura Queen Pineapple and protect it from misuse and imitation He also explained how the authorization process of farmers would enhance the competitiveness of the produce in domestic and international markets and create opportunities for increased income and livelihood.

Speaking to the occasion Shri Ratan Lal Nath, Hon’ble Agriculture Minister, Tripura shared that the GI initiative is part of the Gol’s broader efforts to promote sustainable agriculture, protect the rights of farmers,

and enhance the country’s agricultural exports. The initiative has been welcomed by the farming community

of Tripura and is expected to boost their morale and confidence in the traditional farming practices.

Event was also graced by Dr. Rajni Kant Dwived, a renowned Gl expert and Padmashri Awardee who spoke about the importance of North Eastern Region (NER) specific Geographical Indication (GI) products and emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach to promote NER region-specific Gl products.

Dr. Dwivedi’s insights shed light on the importance of promoting and protecting NER region-specific GI products which not only protect the unique identity and quality of the products but also create employment opportunities for local communities. The event was also attended by Shri Apurba Roy, Secretary, Govt. of Tripura.


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