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Newly elected members of TLA will take oath on 12th September

The newly elected members of the 13th Tripura Legislative Assembly are scheduled to take their oaths on September 12.

The oath-taking ceremony, a pivotal event in the democratic process, will occur at 12 noon in the esteemed lobby of the Legislative Assembly.

This announcement was conveyed through an official press release by the Additional Secretary of the Tripura Assembly Secretariat.

BJP candidates triumphed in the Boxanagar and Dhanpur Assembly constituencies in the recent by-polls held on September 5. The ruling BJP and the opposition CPIM engaged in a competitive battle for both seats, while other opposition parties chose not to participate.

The BJP nominated Tafajjal Hossain and Bindu Debnath as their candidates for Boxanagar and Dhanpur, respectively. Their opponents from the CPIM were Mizan Hossein in Boxanagar and Kaushik Chanda in Dhanpur.

Following the sixth round of vote counting, Bindu Debnath of the BJP clinched the victory in Dhanpur with 30,017 votes, while Kaushik Chanda of the CPIM received 11,146 votes.

Tafajjal Hossain of the BJP emerged victorious with 34,146 votes, while Mizan Hossain from the CPIM secured 3,909 votes.


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