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Agartala, 22 November: In the morning of 22.11.2021 at around 0900 hours, CISF control room received a message from QRT team that there was one unattended hand baggage at parking area in front of Arrival. The area was immediately cordoned off and evacuated.

Dog squad and BDDS team were activated. The sniffer dogs of CISF dog Squad gave Negative indication for the presence of explosives but the EVD (Explosive Vapour Detector) machines showed the presence of explosives.

It was then sniffed by another dog from the State BDDS team which also gave negative sign for presence of explosives. But due to detection of the presence of traces of explosives by EVD machine, BTAC were called at the Airport. CCTV footages were also checked and found that the unidentified hand baggage was left by an arrival passenger who had landed at Agartala Airport by Indigo flight 6E-989.

Since the passengers arrived from Kolkata after security clearance, the chance of bomb threat was remote: Hence BTAC declared it as Non-Specific Threat and procedures as per SOPS were carried out. ETD test were conducted and sniffer dogs were also deployed again.

Both test showed negative for presence of explosive and it was finally inferred that the threat was a FALSE one. However, for the safety of passengers, the suspected bag was shifted to Cooling Pit with the help of MRDV and SLVC and will be kept for 24 hours for cooling. Meanwhile, efforts are being made to trace the passenger who left the hand baggage.


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