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Passenger aboard IndiGo flight tries to open emergency exit mid-air, arrested

During a distressing incident on an IndiGo flight from Guwahati to Agartala, a passenger made an alarming attempt to open the emergency exit mid-flight.

Fortunately, vigilant and courageous fellow passengers promptly stepped in, averting a potential in-flight crisis.

It has been reported that the man had consumed intoxicating tablets before boarding the flight, and his behavior raised suspicions. However, the quick thinking and bravery of fellow travelers prevented the situation from escalating further.

Upon the safe landing of the plane at Agartala Airport, CISF personnel were called upon to assist in restraining the unruly passenger.

The airport police were promptly informed and took custody of Biswajit Debnath, who is now facing legal consequences for his disruptive conduct.

AIGP Jyotishman Das Chowdhury of Tripura stated that Biswajit was aboard an IndiGo flight from Guwahati to Agartala when he made an attempt to open the aircraft’s emergency exit, only to be restrained by fellow passengers.

Airline authorities and law enforcement agencies are currently conducting a comprehensive investigation to ascertain the reasons behind Debnath’s actions and to determine if additional security measures are necessary.

The swift actions taken by both passengers and airline staff prevented a possible catastrophe, which highlighted the crucial role of passenger vigilance and collaboration in ensuring the safety of air travel.


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