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PM dedicates New Parliament House to the nation

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi dedicated the new Parliament House to the nation today. Earlier in the day, the Prime Minister installed the Sengol with Nandi at the top facing East-West direction in the new Parliament House. He also lit up the Diya and offered flowers to the Sengol.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister remarked that there are few moments in every nation’s history that are immortalized. Some dates become the immortal signature on the face of time, the Prime Minister said The 28th of May, 2023  is one such day. “People of India have given themselves a gift for the Amrit Mahotsav”, he said. The Prime Minister congratulated everyone on this glorious occasion.

The Prime Minister said that this is not merely a building but is a reflection of the aspirations and dreams of 140 crore Indians. “This is a temple of our democracy that gives a message of India’s resolution to the world”, he said. He continued, “This new Parliament building connects planning to reality, policy to realization, willpower to execution, and sankalp to siddhi”. This will be a medium for realizing the dreams of the freedom fighters. It will witness the sunrise of Aatmnirbhar Bharat and will see the realization of a Viksit Bharat. The Prime Minister said that this new building is an example of the coexistence of ancient and modern.

“New models can be established only by treading new paths”, the Prime Minister remarked as he highlighted that the new India is realizing new goals and paving new ways. “There is a new energy, new zeal, new enthusiasm, new thinking and a new journey. There are new visions, new directions, new resolutions and a new trust”, Shri Modi exclaimed. The Prime Minister said that the world is looking towards India’s determination, its citizens’ vigour and the life of human power in India with respect and hope. “When India moves forward, the world moves forward”, he remarked. The Prime Minister underlined that the new Parliament House will invoke the development of the world from the development of India.


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