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PM’s Tripura Visit Today: Adequate Measures Adopted For Smooth Traffic System In The City

On Thursday, by calling an urgent administrative meet the DM and SP West has prepared plans specifically on the law and order management and traffic system of the city regarding the PM’s Tripura visit today.

In the meeting, the main importance has been given to the rush hour traffic system which always create havoc and jams in different corners and junctions of the city.

Keeping that in mind, the SP West along with the top officials of the Traffic Department have set some rules on the parking and vehicle management for today.

Where, in the first round it is being decided that all the light weight vehicles including Jeep, Public Transport Buses, Vans which would come from the Southern side of the state viz, Sabroom, Belonia, Sonamura Udaipur, Melaghar, Kamala Sagar have to park their vehicles in Nagerjala Stand, Gandhi Ghat, Umakanta Scool Field.

On the other side, all the light weight vehicles coming from Northern side of Tripura viz, Dharmanagar, Kailashahar, Kumarghat, Ambassa, Teliamura have to park their vehicles in the ISBT, aside Jail Road Dhaleshwar, Khudiram Bose Eng Med. School premises.

The top officials are afterall confident that these measures would help to keep the city’s traffic management smooth and to a some extent jam free.


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