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Police recovered 7 thousand Yaba tablets in 36 packets; 20 grams of brown sugar, two bikes

The police of Bishalgarh police station succeeded in the anti-narcotics campaign.
On Saturday night, the police chased two drug dealers while doing business inside the Charilam petrol pump.

Although one escaped, the police managed to arrest the other drug dealer Safiqul Islam with a large amount of drug.

OC (Officer in charge) of Bishalgarh Police Station Tapas Das said, “Based on the information of the intelligence division of the police department, the policemen laid a trap at the petrol pump.

After some time two drunkards came there to do business transactions. When they chased them, a trader was arrested with drug.”

During the operation, 7 thousand Yaba tablets in 36 packets, 20 grams of brown sugar in 4 cases, two bikes were recovered.

The estimated market value of seized drugs is 45 lakh rupees. The arrested drug dealer Safiqul Islam’s house is in Bishalgarh Dhwajnagar area.


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