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Postal ballot voting started on Friday

As the final verdict day of Tripura municipal polls 2021 are advancing towards its climax; political parties are in full mood and can be found everyday busy with door to door campaigns, public meet cum rallies in every nook and corner of the state.

On Friday, the first balloting session of municipal polls 2021 started among the on duty election officers and personnel.

The vote giving process was accomplished through “ballot paper system”. Today, AMC’s 2700 on duty election staffs vote giving process is being organised at the polling booth in the Umakanta School.

The entire process was accomplished under the supervision of three ROs posted for each three compartments.

Moreover, the representatives from every political party were also seen present in the school premises.

Sense of excitement and satisfaction is also noticed among the on duty election personnel and staffs while exiting from the poll centres.

The voting day for general civilians is on 25th and the counting day is scheduled on 28th of this month.


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