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Power Minister inaugurates 33 KV Substation at Lembucherra

The government has given priority to the development of agriculture and industry in the overall development of the state. Development of these two fields is not possible without electricity.

Therefore, the government has taken various steps to develop the electricity infrastructure of the state. Power Minister Ratanlal Nath said this while inaugurating the 33 KV Lembuchra substation and two-storey control room at the Lembuchra shopping complex premises today.

6 crore 16 lakh rupees have been spent on the construction of this power substation. The people of Kamalghat, Lembuchhara, Kalapaniya, Nepalitila, ICAR, Krishi Mahavidyalaya, will benefit from the construction of the substation. More than 4000 families in all these areas will be benefited.

Inaugurating the substation, the power minister said that before 2018, there were 38 33 KV substations in the state. 23 more substations have been constructed in the last 5 years. 28 more substations will be constructed. The construction of substations will further improve the quality of electricity service in the state.

The power minister said that by 2030, the state has set a target of generating 500 megawatts of electricity with the help of solar energy. This initiative has been taken across the country to utilize solar energy when the supply of underground natural gas and coal is exhausted in the coming days.


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