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Pradyot Debbarma slams Manik Sarkar for failing to work as leader of opposition

On Tuesday, the Chairman of TIPRA, Motha Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarma, severely criticized former Chief Minister Manik Sarkar for his inability to fulfill his duties as the leader of the opposition throughout the previous five years.

In a Facebook post, he urged Manik Sarkar, the former CM and CPIM Politburo member, to maintain silence, as he failed miserably as the opposition leader during the past five years.

Pradyot Kishore said, “We have decided to participate in the bye-election for the Dhanpur Assembly Constituency. I would like to advise Manik Sarkar to abstain from making any statements, considering his ineffectiveness as the leader of the opposition. We are currently devising strategies to ensure a successful outcome in the Dhanpur assembly.”

He added that where Tipra Motha has minimal chances of winning, the party should not field our candidate.

Pradyot Kishore further said, “Similarly, it is essential to understand that in situations where the CPIM’s chances of winning are low, they should refrain from nominating a candidate. This will ensure a fair and balanced 1:1 contest.”

He added, “As the Lok Sabha elections draw near, it is crucial for the opposition to avoid internal conflicts as they will not yield any advantages. The upcoming elections in Dhanpur and the Lok Sabha will provide an opportunity.”

Pradyot said that Motha intend to send a representative to the parliament who will create a significant impact.


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