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Pradyot steps down as TIPRA Motha chief

Pradyot Kishore Dev Barman left the chairmanship of Tipra Motha, which was announced by him in the party conference on Sunday.

Pradyot said, “There is no post of chairman in the party constitution. I will now spend most of his time in Delhi. I will meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.”

He said that he will fulfill the demands of Tiprasa and Motha party. Pradyot has handed over the leadership to Bijay Kumar Hrangkhawl and said that Hrangkhawl will become the party president.

On the last day of the Tipra Motha conference, a lot of speculation has started around the announcement of Pradyot Kishore.

It is said that as Pradyot Kishore has been ill for a long time and could not lead the team properly. He also knows very well that the demands of separate states will not be met. Therefore, he withdrew from the leadership by strategy.

Now, Bijay Kumar Hrangkhawl, Jagadish Debbarma, Rajaswa Debbarma and Animesh Debbarma will lead Tipra Motha.

However, Pradyot will not step down from the party. He said he will stay in the party and fight in Delhi by discussing and negotiating various matters with Prime Minister, Home Minister Amit Shah, Himanta Biswa Sharma and Rahul Gandhi to get the demands of Tipra Motha.

Meanwhile, Pradyot Kishore has understood that there will never be a separate state, such as ‘Tipraland’ or ‘Greater Tipraland’ and thus, he has already moved away from party leadership strategically.


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