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Pranab Sarkar borne all the expenses for the treatment of a journalist injured in an accident

Pranab Sarkar, Secretary of the Tripura Journalists ‘Union and All-India secretary of the Indian Journalists’ Union, borne all the expenses of the treatment of Sudhudas Vaishnav, a journalist working in Udaipur.

Journalist Sudhudas Vaishnav recently had a major accident in Udaipur. His right leg was badly injured.

He was immediately brought to Agartala GB Hospital. He needs two operations on his leg.

The first operation has taken place. Preparations for the second operation have begun.

The second operation will be on next week. The first operation was successful. Pranab Sarkar, Secretary of Tripura Journalists Union, visited GB Hospital four times to inquire about his treatment. Shri Sarkar has borne all the expenses of his treatment and operation.

The Tripura Journalists Union also wished him a speedy recovery.


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