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Prepaid Auto & Taxi service launched at Agartala’s MBB Airport

Prepaid autorickshaw and taxi services from Maharaja Birbikram Airport started on Tuesday.

As per the initial prepaid chart, prepaid services will be available to travel to 73 different places in Agartala city and suburbs.

Transport Minister Pranjit Singha Roy inaugurated this service at the airport premises today.

Agartala Municipal Corporation Mayor Deepak Majumder, MLA Dilip Das, Airport Authority Director K C Meena and others were present at the inauguration ceremony.

Speaking on the occasion, Transport Minister Pranjit Singha Roy said that the behaviour of vehicle drivers plays an important role in presenting the culture and a basic overview of the people and government of the state to the traveling public.

The Transport Minister also said that the development of the tourism industry in the state is not possible without an improved transport system.

He said that the state government has been working since the beginning to ensure that the natural beauty, spiritual sites and historical places of the state can be enjoyed by the common tourists.

He said that recently there have been reports of disagreements between passengers and drivers on various issues at MBB Airport.

In this case both the driver and the passenger should be aware of the actual situation.
Therefore, the state government has taken initiative to launch this prepaid service to create a harmonious environment.


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