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Preparatory Meeting on the occasion of 50th State Hood Day

On Wednesday, a high-level official meeting has been happened at the Rabindra Satavarshiki Hall on the occasion of celebrating the 50th state hood day across the state.

Almost every department officials and dignitaries were present in the meeting. Ratan Biswas an ICA Department Official was also present there.

They discussed about the plans using the projector on the big screen regarding the golden jubilee celebration of 50th State Hood Day in the state.

The celebration days will schedule from 19-21st January, 2022. Also from 1-18th January,2022 cultural Programs and Functions are scheduled for all the departments of the state government.

Mr. Biswas also interacted with other guests and officials and took their suggestions during the ongoing planning session.

The main state level programme would be held on 21st January at Rabindra Satavarshiki Bhawan.

Many other small events would follow this event including Book and Pamphlet release on stage.


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