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Ratan Nath Slams Trinamool Congress For Misleading People with False Information

On Monday while addressing a press meet, the Education cum Law minister of this state Mr. Ratan Lal Nath took a dig at the opposition blamed them blatantly for misguiding and manipulating the common public in this local body election.

He smashed off the allegations made by TMC and CPIM which includes poll violence, death of democracy, rigging etc. He hinted at the previous decades of the left rule where he alleged the left front leaders of involving in polling adulteration, mass attacks targeting the opposition, causing violence and bloodshed on the day of voting.

He also took a charge at the TMC for false claiming the vote ratios in this municipal body election.

He said “They are celebrating the figure their vote shares which they believe they earned in these couple of weeks but the reality says other dialogue. They had started their poll journey in this state 22 years ago with the EX Chief Minister LT. Sudhir Ranjan Majumder. What they got today is just the fruit of all these 22 years and not few months. CPIM and TMC must have some shame for this ugly cat fighting regarding the second position.”

Minister claimed “Despite receiving 26.40% in 1999 and 23.35% in 2016, TMC leaders like Rajib Banerjee and Subal Bhowmik are misleading people of Tripura claiming that the party had received 16.39 percent of votes in three months of their activities. But they forgot that the TMC had opened their account in this state way back in 1999”.

Taking it further he also provided the official data of every sub-divisional municipal bodies to the media. He sarcastically claimed that in this local body election, TMC got only 16.39% vote and CPIM got 18.13% across the state where BJP got 59.01%. Lastly he thanked every election duty officer, staffs, polling agents and the common voters for showing their faith in BJP and helping BJP in forming a majoritarian Local self-body government in the AMC as well in every subdivision of the state.


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