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Restoration work underway on war footing to resume power Supply: Ratan Lal Nath

As a result of the natural calamity, power supply was disrupted across the state yesterday.

As a result of stormy rain yesterday afternoon, power supply was disrupted in 23 divisions of Vidyut Nigam in the state. Vidyut Nigam has been making efforts since yesterday afternoon to normalize the power situation.

Normalization of power supply lines has been given priority. Power Minister Ratanlal Nath said this in a press conference at the Secretariat this evening.

In the press conference, the power minister said that the power supply lines are being repaired quickly to normalize the power situation in the state.

About 70 to 75 percent of the repair work has been completed by noon today. Repairs are expected to be completed by noon tomorrow. Even though there is shortage of staff of Vidyut Nigam, the employees of the Nigam are working with war-time activity to normalize the power situation.


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