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Restrain from any kind of instigation by TIPRA Motha appeals Tripura Minister to BJP Workers

Rampada Jamatia said that all political parties are working with different strategies to secure their wins in all four constituencies of the by-polls during a press conference at the BJP state headquarters on Monday.

State Tribal Welfare Minister Rampad Jamatia was vocal in his criticism of the Tipra Matha party.

Minister Rampada Jamatia said that various parties are trying using violence to stop the BJP’s campaigns, especially TIPRA Motha.

He further added that TIPRA Motha is trying to gain illegal advantage by attacking and halting workers and leaders of BJP to disrupt the campaigns.

MP Rebati Tripura, Minister Rampada Jamatia and Patalkanya Jamatia, the BJP Vice President have been allegedly targeted by Motha on various incidents for the same purpose.

Although party workers and leaders of BJP have been attacked. Minister Jamatia urged party workers and supporters not to be provoked by the actions of opposition parties.

He also said that BJP workers are well disciplined. State BJP spokesperson Nabendu Bhattacharjee was also present at the press conference.


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