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Rising temperature: Health dept in North Tripura issues guidelines

District administrations and health departments of various districts of Tripura have taken initiatives to spread awareness regarding safety precautions against the ongoing heatwave situation across the state.

In the current heatwave situation, awareness programs have been undertaken through various health centers in North Tripura district.

On Wednesday, in a press conference, the Chief Health Officer of North Tripura district Dr. Rahul Purkayastha said, “People should be aware of the current heat wave conditions. Precautions must be taken to stay safe from heatstroke.”

In the press conference held at the District Chief Health Officer’s Office, the district’s medical expert Dr. Prashun Bhattacharjee said that people have to drink more water during this time to stay safe from the heat wave.

He also advised not to go out in the sun unnecessarily and take homemade drinks like lemon juice, fruit juice, and ORS if needed.
Bhattacharjee added, “If you feel sick, contact the nearest health center.

Pregnant mothers, physically and mentally ill people should take extra precautions.”


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