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Sacked Teachers got arrested for breaking COVID protocols

Agartala, January 28, 2022: The outrageous and protesting 10323 teachers again got arrested on Thursday while protesting before their favourite common protesting spot i.e, City Centre.

The terminated teachers got arrested for breaking the COVID protocols. Yesterday, they were observing the Black Day before the premises of City Centre at Paradise Choumuni where in the last year they all were lathi charged.

The 10323 victimised teachers who always love to make headlines in the news are acting under force of some invisible political power, that what the experts believe.

Where the state government is requesting them for not wasting their time in unnecessary protests and better crack government exams to settle their unstable career; the rogue organisation of teachers hardly would walk in the said path shown by the concerned authorities.

The teachers moreover, would love to cry alleging falsely the state government for killing their democratic rights and voices, are what the experts are discussing all across the state.

They believe that the victimised 10323 teachers have lost all the sympathies and care from the minds and hearts of common people after extremely polarising their motive which is now clearly political.


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