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Sadar admn carries raid in different markets in Agartala

Over the past two days, the cost of onions, a daily essential material has surged significantly, exceeding 20 rupees per kilogram in Agartala. Such a rapid increase in onion’s price can have a considerable impact on middle-class and economically disadvantaged individuals.

On Friday morning, officials from the Sadar Sub-Division Administration and Food Department conducted an inspection at Maharajganj market.

They scrutinized both wholesale and retail prices of onion and informed the media that heavy rainfall in Nashik had resulted in substantial onion crop losses.

Therefore, there has been a slight surge in prices, impacting the local market. Wholesale onion prices were found to be around Rs 36 per kilogram, while retail prices ranged from Rs 38-40 per kilogram.

Notably, certain dishonest traders fled their shops after hearing about the administration’s operation on Friday.


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