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Santirbazar Municipal Council to rent dustbins for waste collection

The Santirbazar Municipal Council (SMC) has come out with an effort to ensure better management of household waste in the municipal area of Santirbazar.

To ensure cleanliness in the town, the SMC has decided to rent out Dustbin to the people of Santirbazar who intend to get their waste collection through the Dustbin.

The main objective is to create awareness among the residents to ensure that they dispose thar household waste correctly by separating them into wet and dry.

We are happy that these decision and steps taken by SMC will help the town look clean and

improved our rankings in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, said the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of SMC .

The rent is fixed at Rs 700 for big dustbin and Rs 200 for small dustbin. As per the decision. of the SMC any interested person will have to pay the rent in advance to the office of the SMC through challan.


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