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Scribble mania 2018

One indication of Tripura being growing with the power ofpen, is the upcomingwrite-up exhibition which got a wonderful name“Scribblemania”.The concept of the event is unique and is being conducted for the first time with the aim of promoting the young writers of the state by exhibiting their artistic skills and promoting their talent.

This 3 day write-up exhibition which is going to start from 13th October and will continue till 15th October at City Center Art Gallery, aims to  open a space for the budding writers of Tripura to showcase the magic of words. From promoting writing culture to bringing out the latent writing talent, the concept of this event is being put in place by TOTELL.

Apart from the exhibition, the event will encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience between the professional and amateur writers. An event where there will be a live interaction between the writers and the audience to ensure sharing of thoughts and ideas in order to promote the essence of literature as well. Hence  it is expected that this open to all write-up exhibition will attract both writers as well as voracious readers ultimately creating an ambience of ‘Psychedelia’.

Event Structure in brief:

▪ This open to all event shall be held for three consecutive days i.e., 13-15th October.

  • Exhibition of Writings of 25 writers.

▪ Exhibition Arena will be open from 2 pm to 8.30 pm.

▪ Cultural Program will be arranged in all the consecutive three days of the event.

▪ Talk Show and Interaction Session with all the Exhibitors in all the consecutive days.


The Writers:

1.Arunjoy Dutta

2.Debasree Saha

3.Aniket Das

4.Arnab Das

5.Rageswari Dhar

6.Nilashma Choudhuri

7.Swattik Chakraborty

8.Rajarsee Bhattacharjee

9.Bishal Laskar

10.Antima Baidya

11.Bijasmita Debnath

12.Sagarika Nath Sharma

13.Ruchisha Das

14.Manikuntala Mukharjee

15.Vineet Nandwana

16.Shreya Deshmukhya

17.Rithik Wilson

18.Sanketa Das

19.Ritika Dewan

20.Victoria Debbarma

21.Rohini Chakraborty

22.Anirban Naha

23.Rohan Roy

24.Sasanka Sekhar Choudhury

25.Lopamudra Bhattacharjee


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