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Smart Policing Index 2021: The golden collar of Tripura Police again shone in the national level

The golden collar of Tripura Police again shone in the national level. Like last year, this year too, the Tripura Police is in a much better position to curb the overall crime in the state.

According to this year’s ‘Smart Policing Index 2021’ which has been prepared by a national level survey organization called ‘Indian Police Foundation’,

In the Index Tripura is ranked at the top positions with Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Nagaland, Punjab, Jharkhand etc.

All these states are in a better place than other states in the Index. Efficient policing, activism in law and order situation and police control in the state, rapidity in arresting the accused, quickness in filing chargesheets in the courts – all these make Tripura Police a deserving place holder in the index according to experts opinion.

Tripura ranks 19th out of 29 states. In this regard, the law and order situation in Tripura has improved very rapidly in the last three years.

For several decades, Tripura was ranked 25th to 26th in the survey by this organization.

However, this year’s score exposed Tripura as a topper in the list leaving behind major states like Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab etc. This year, Tripura’s smart index score is 6.33.


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