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Social Allowances would be increased to Rs. 2000/- before Assembly Polls: CM

Agartala, January 29, 2022: On Friday, attending party’s new voters joining event at Golaghati’s Shyamnagar para, Chief Minister Bipalab Kumar Deb has made an epoch making promise to the general public present over there during his meet.

He announced that the government is going to increase the “Samajik Bhata” to Rs. 2000 per head before the 2023 General Assembly elections in the state.

Moreover, the CM confessed openly that much works have been done in these 4 years duration including all the before made promises of the 2018’s vision documents.

On this day, 721 voters from 210 families left various opposition camps and joined the BJP in presence of Mr. Deb.

In his aggressive speech, CM Deb today has missed no chance to attack the opposition leaders alleging them for creating unstable situation intentionally across the state, creating confusion and fake terror in the people’s minds for achieving their creep political goal.

He also warned those disturbing political elements in public voice saying that the public of this state would show them their actual position in the upcoming 2023 elections.


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