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Social works excellence: Angikar Samajik Sangstha

Great men says “Social work asks nothing in return, it expands only greatness and love in this world, it is a way of life.”

Following this as a greater path of life, people of this state has set so many examples of humanity and brotherhood especially in all these recent years of pandemic.

One of the such social work group called “Angikar Samajik Sangstha” has presently craved attention and applauds from every corner of the society.

The group has continued its benevolent efforts and venture towards humanity through serving the backward, poor and unprivileged sections in the society all these years.

Apart from this this, Angikar Samajik Sangstha also equally contributes in initiating awareness campaigns.

Representatives of Angikar social organisation came forward with similar awareness activities in the capital Agartala on Monday.

On this day, the representatives of Angikar social organization went out on the streets of the capital Agartala and distributed masks.

They handed over the masks to the people who did not have masks on their faces that day.

“Such initiatives will continue in the coming days”, said Chandra Roy, of Angikar Samajik Sangstha while talking with media persons.


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