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“Sports revitalise our body growth as well as our mental health” : Sports Minister

Sports play a very vital role in our life. It helps a lot in nurturing our physical health as well as mental health and also plays a very supportive role in becoming a responsible, disciplined and mannered man in the society.

On Friday, attending the annual sports ceremony of Viveknagar’s RKM at Amtali, the sports minister Sushanta Chowdhury has said these very encouraging lines.

Students of ITI and RKM school have participated in the event. Among the other special dignitaries the SP West Manik Lal Das, Padmashree Dipa Karmakar, KV’s Head Sports Officer Prashanta Das and president of Ram Krishna Math and Mission Subhankarananda Maharaj were present alongside the Sports Minister in the event.

Later, addressing the students Minister Sushanta Chowdhury said, “In life, not everyone can become a doctor or an engineer. But the aim of becoming these two must go on till the last chance.

Make sure that what profession you choose must be connected to the welfare and progress of the country.”

Padmashree Dipa Karmakar quoting the life of students said that any sports can help in building tough physique, sound discipline and self-devotion mentality. She moreover, requested the guardians to get their children attached with sports along with their studies.


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