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State Government has taken major stand to popularise the Blood Donation Camp in the state”: ICA Minister

Agartala, January 29, 2022: The present blood reserve in the state is in alarming condition. That’s why, the state government has taken major initiative and curriculum to conduct “Blood Donation Camps” all across the state.

In the present COVID circumstances, it has become much challenging for both the government as well as the private and non-profit organisations to organise blood donation camps regularly.

On Friday, the ICA Minister Sushanta Chowdhury attending a blood donation camp organised by a Arts College in Lichubagan, said all these above narrated lines in his speech.

There he inaugurated, the 7 days long special blood donation camp organised by the NSS unit of the college.

While giving his speech, he reminded everyone present over there the importance and need of blood in the blood banks of the hospitals.

He said, “everyday in our country, we need 38 thousand units of blood. And due of shortages of blood, god knows how many hapless patients and their families have to suffer.

It would be my special urge to all of you to donate your blood better taking it as a humane duty, duty that would prove your service to the god as well as the entire mankind.” Last but not the least, he also gave updates on the present COVID situation in the state, government’s plan to tackle the spread and also on vaccination drives among teenagers to veterans every day in the state.


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