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“State’s welfare is not possible without farmer’s financial growth and income”: Pranajit

On Thursday, at the inauguration event of “Krishak Bandhu Kendra” in Jirania; having been saying so the Agriculture Minister Of Tripura, Pranajit Singha Roy has opened a door of wide possibilities to the farmers of this state with the very supportive speech.

He said while on stage that without farmer’s capital growth and income our state cannot progress and prosper in actual terms.

That’s why farmer’s welfare is very very important.

Our Prime Minister has also envisioned that day when every farmer’s income would be doubled in the country.”

Moreover, addressing the farmers present in the event he said “Our soil is very potent and fertile.

What it needs is right technique and care to cultivate anything that we wish.

Our government is extending every hand of help to uplift our farmer’s overall social, political and economical condition.

In the event, many of the farmers have also got felicitated in hands of the Agriculture Minister.


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