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Sudip appeals Pradyot to merge TIPRA Motha with Congress

For Lok Sabha elections Political activities have started. The current state of the century-old Congress party in Tripura is a source of disappointment among the party workers.

One by one senior leaders are leaving the party. In this situation, a speech of Congress MLA Sudip Roy Barman has started a strong discussion in the political circles about Pradyot Kishore, the former chairman of Tripura’s Janjati-based regional party Tipra Matha.

Tripura Congress MLA Sudip Roy Barman on Monday urged TIPRA Motha founder and royal scion Pradyot Kishore to merge his party TIPRA Motha with Congress  and lead it from the front. 

Ex-prisons minister of the state Manindra Reang has changed his party again.
Manindra Reang, who was a former minister of the Left in the state, joined the Congress in a Pradesh Congress program in front of the state Congress headquarters in Agartala on Monday.

Manindra Reang along with some of his followers also joined the Congress on this day.
Notably, the former leftist leader joined Tipra Motha before the 2023 Tripura Assembly elections.

Now, before the Lok Sabha elections, he changed his party once again and joined the Congress.

On this day, the former prison minister of the state Manindra Reang was welcomed into the party by Congress MLA and member of the Congress Working Committee Sudip Roy Barman, State Congress President Ashish Kumar Saha and others.


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