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Sushanta holds review meeting of Jal Jeevan Mission at Pragna Bhavan

Jal Jeevan Mission should deliver purified drinking water to every household by December 2022.

The staff and officials of the drinking water and sanitation department have to work with this aim.

Drinking Water and Sanitation Minister Sushanta Chowdhury highlighted the importance of Jal Jeevan Mission in the mission review meeting at Pragya Bhawan in Agartala on Thursday.

He said that Jal Jeevan Mission is one of the 5 public centred projects on the priority list of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Work is underway to provide drinking water services in this project across the country.
Among 19 crore families in India, the drinking water service has been delivered to about 9 crore families.

In the review meeting, Sushanta Chowdhury also said that the problems or challenges in the implementation of the Jal Jeevan Mission project should be addressed and the project should be completed on time.

In order to solve the electricity problem related to project implementation, the officials of the department have to sit in discussion with the officials of the power corporation from time to time to ensure fast progress.


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