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“TEDxYouth@Ronaldsay Road” event turns out to be big success

“TEDxYouth@Ronaldsay Road”, the word sounds big right????! Well guys the event day was much bigger than you could’ve ever thought!!!

TED Conferences LLC is an American media organisation based in New York that posts online talks for free distribution under the slogan “ideas worth spreading”. TEDx events include live speakers and recorded tedtulits and are organize ependently under a free license granted by TED. The events are organized by passionate individuals in order to share the latest research in their local areas that spark conversations in their communities.

TEDXYouth@RonaldsayRoad event is managed by AGARTALA EVENTS FOR YOU, A Venture of TOTELL, a start-up Community of Tripura.

TTEDXRR is the FIRST ever ted event which happened in Tripura on 20th of November at Rabindra Bhawan, on the second half from 4 pm. TEDxRR is also the first “youth-led” event in the whole North east India, the theme of their event focused on “Take the Leap” which advocates Changes that take place in one’s life which have a very positive and lucrative effect.

With a hall of 480 seats accommodation ,the event was a grand success, TEDxYouth RR had a total of 14 speakers, names as follows: Divyansh Mansukhani, Anoushka Budi’e, Dr. Jerryl Banait, Niranjan Bharadwaj, Ryan Robinson, Suchismita Saha, Satyam Singh, Bipasha Hrangkhawl, Borkhung Hrangkhawl, Abhishek Saha, Vikas Khanna, Arghya Saha, Tarun Debbarma and Swattik Chakraborty.

The speakers were not only from Tripura but also from different comers of the world to share their journeys and ideas with relevance to the theme.

The event is supported by RFL Best Buy, Eureka, Fast & Furious, TNGCL, Swarnakamal Jwellers Brands Bargain, Auto Concept, Hotel Sonar Tori, Choice Nursery, Dmark, Sound Beats, Fusion Bar and Niliyoti Travels. Lead Organizer Souryamoy Barman, Executive Producer Himan Debbarma Marketing Head Sidhant Baid expressed their sincere gratitude to all the distinguished speakers and all the esteemed brands and organization for their support to organize the first ever TEDx Event in the state in the best possible way.


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