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TMC is importing violence from West Bengal: Biplab Deb

TMC is importing violence from West Bengal: Biplab

Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb on Saturday, took an intense bitter dig at TMC party members while addressing a civic poll rally last night at his constituency in Banamalipur.

He alleged openly TMC of creating tension and chaos intentionally in the state to gain public sympathy.

He also alleged TMC party heads for importing the hatred violent political culture in the state far from the West Bengal which is destroying the democracy and free and fair election culture and nothing else.

“Tripura had always been hit the national headlines for wrong reasons due to three-decades-old insurgency and 25 yrs rule of communists.

“After the BJP-IPFT government came to power in 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has undertaken extra effort to introduce Tripura before the nation for good performance and activities,” he said.

Public is noticing everything and they will give them the right response at the right time in the ballot box,” said CM in his couple of minutes speech.

He lastly alerted the common people to beware of them and their fake cry. Also, not to give ear to their lies.


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