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TMC leaving no stones unturned to create an atmosphere of unrest in the Tripura : Pratima

On Monday ICA minister, Sushanta Choudhury and Senior BJP leader and Union Minister of State  Pratima Bhowmik at State BJP Headquarter sarcastically lashed out TMC leaders and party workers during a press Conference.

Facing the media, Union Minister of State  Pratima Bhowmik compared TMCP with the gang of thieves and plunderers. She found the activities of TMC party workers similar as ravagers who in the old times used to loot villages, towns and cities.

She said, “They are the party of “wargis” which means looters and dacoits in English. They know how to plunder a state completely by following the same technique which “wargis” used to follow in the pre-colonial time.

Speaking with reporters, Pratima Bhoumik said that the polls will be held on November 25 The BJP has already won 112 seats unopposed in seven urban local bodies. Elections will be held in the remaining 222 seats.

They are intentionally creating political tension across the state for their advantage in this municipal poll”, said Pratima.

Adding to her statement, she also depicted the factual realistic picture of Mamata’s Governance in the West Bengal. She revealed the chronic disordered state of law and order situation in Kolkata and in the nearby districts.

Women insecurity, land smuggling, money extortion, Syndicate Rule, Institutional corruption cases are what TMC has achieved in all these years being the government there in WB and now they are seen giving proud lectures on development and fascism standing in the pious soil of our state.

She also said that the aim of the Trinamool Congress was to destroy the peaceful atmosphere in Tripura, However, the CPIM and the Congress are equally supportive

Minister Sushanta Chowdhury also addressed the media on various issues. In a nutshell, Sushanta spoke about the current combusted political scenario where he alleged TMCP chiefly of misleading the Supreme Court as well the common people of the state by issuing false affidavits and legal notices; false promises and triggered statements among the public.


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